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Be Sanctified!

Be Sanctified!

The issue of sanctification is not regularly heard preached in our generation where people want to hear breakthrough, money, success and power. We tend to think sanctification is small matters of spirituality. We are far from the truth. What we hear regularly is what we price most. Sanctification is a command of God.

Fruitful Heart

Fruitful Heart

If we want to be fruitful, we must pursue heart fruit as well. We must be fruitful in our heart. We must seek to habour issues that will edify our lives and improve our progress. The heart is where the issue is.

Fruitful Head

Fruitful Head

The mind is a powerful tool for imagination and thinking that God has given to every human being. Whether sane or not, we all have head that houses the mind. When someone says your head is good they simply mean your mind is producing results.

Fruitful Hands

Fruitful Hands

When we speak of the phrase 'work of hands', we do not only mean it is for only those who have hands but even for those who are physically handicapped with their hands. The work of our hands is what we do for living. It is our vocation. God has called each one of us to do something for ourselves to honour His name. He gives us gifts according to our special abilities.

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